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Tribeca Flashpoint College - December 8, 2015

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We heard that TC Furlong was going to be putting on this event on the north side of Chicago. We knew that it would be easy for the other students to travel to and thought it would be a great experience if our student AES chapter attended this event, which was open to the public and completely free, as a group. We then emailed TC Furlong to make sure they were okay with us coming and they were all for it.
At the event, students were allowed to walk around and be shown demos of different digital consoles. Companies that attended and showed their products were Allen & Heath, Avid, Behringer, Digico, Mackie, Midas, PreSonus, QSC, Solid State Logic, Soundcraft, and Yamaha.
This was a great experience for students to see so many different consoles in one place that might otherwise take years to see them all.
When asking other students for feedback on this event, their personal highlights were seeing multiple touring ready consoles demoed and tested in front of their eyes (such as the Yamaha PM10 Rivage, Allen and Heath DLive, and Digico SD7). All demos were done by the manufacturer's experts all in one room, so there were many very knowledgeable people to strike up a conversation with. Students were able to see the differences and similarities between different consoles and get hands on with them.
Overall, this was a very successful event hosted by TC Furlong!

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