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Javeriana University - September 10, 2015

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This event, organized by AES Javeriana, was particularly designed for first semester students, since its main purpose was to provide information that will help them choose the best microphones for their different projects.

The activity was directed by Juan David García, teacher of the "Live Sound I & II" courses, who started with a thorough explanation of the signal flow of a microphone (starting with the sound wave being captured by the microphone, and finishing with the audio being reproduced in a speaker). In the middle of the explanation, he solved several student doubts, including: acoustical impedance, how a microphone affects live sound and recording processes, microphone sensitivity, etc.

After the introduction, three microphones were tested: AKG 414 XLS, Sennheuser e901 and DPA 4090. First they were tested using an electric guitar plugged into an amplifier. He showed and interesting and practical technique to record voice and guitar using one microphone only. Apart from this technique, students listened to the difference between a guitar recorded by line (plugged in directly to the pre-amp), and one recorded with a microphone in the amplifier.

Following this, the same three microphones where tested using a grand piano, altering the distance between the microphones and the piano. For the Sennheiser, the teacher showed how they are usually located inside de piano (with the lid closed), but he warned the students about the audible difference between this and the external microphones.

The event finished with Juan David telling the students about his criteria when choosing a microphone, depending on the situation and instrument. This was the most important part of the event because it allows students to generate their own techniques and criteria to select the best tools for their future as engineers.

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