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Javeriana University - September 12, 2015

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Within AES Javeriana's goals is the motivation and encouragement of students in the career. Therefore, one of the most important activities in the semester is the Live Session with freshmen students, since it is an opportunity to show new students some of the situations they will face later in the career.

For this event, the students and AES members arrived to Ático at 7am to start moving the microphones, drums, keyboard and cables to the studio. The new students received a copy of the input list and an explanation of how it worked for them to be able to set the patch bay alone.

After they were done, AES members talked to them about the microphones to be used, including an explanation of the difference between dynamic and condenser microphones, and a demonstration of how to put every microphone depending on its function. One of the most exciting moments in the event was when the students learned several techniques to put the drum's microphones and overheads.

While the musicians arrived and prepared for the recording, everyone (except the musicians of course) entered the control room. Inside, new students learned how to set up a ProTools session with its respective inputs, inserts and hearback. Students also received a thorough explanation of how the equipment inside the control room works, including compressors, equalizers, pre-amps, control surface, patch bay, etc.

As soon as the recording started, the students participated in a engineering jeopardy, in which they had to answer questions like ¿What is a compressor and how does it work? ¿What is the function of an equalizer? Etc. The winner of the jeopardy took home a generous award: a bag of gummy bears. This contest was very useful for the students because they had the chance to review topics, or to learn and understand new things.

At the end of the live session, students learned how to roll up the cables appropriately, and how to disassemble and fold the microphones and stands.

The students that assisted to the event were able to enjoy an unique opportunity, since they will have to wait several years to be able to use this studio for a recording. It is very important for students to start taking advantage from these activities since the initial semesters.

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