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Javeriana University - September 7, 2015

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For this activity, students were invited to participate by sending their own postproduction or audiovisual related projects, specifically movie trailers. These would be evaluated and placed into two separate categories.

The event started approximately at 4 pm, though AES Javeriana members arrived at 3 pm to work on the organization and set up of the event. The set up consisted mainly on making sure that the videos, sent by the contestants, would reproduce properly.

The event started with a brief introduction of the members of the jury and then, the videos were projected, one by one. Category 1 included the trailers with stereo mix, while category 2 included those with surround mix (5.1).

Unfortunately there was a small inconvenience while reproducing the projects of the second category: these trailers had a surround mix, but the auditorium was not calibrated properly. Therefore, the balance in the mix was completely lost at the beginning.

To solve this problem, both students and jury were asked to exit the auditorium briefly, while the members of AES Javeriana calibrated the room using pink noise. Once the auditorium was properly calibrated, everyone was invited back in and the event continued normally.

After all the videos were shown, the jury took a while to deliberate and choose two winners, one per category. Before announcing the final verdict, each project received constructive feedback by each of the members of the jury, which is a unique learning opportunity for the students.

Finally, the winners were announced. For Category 1, the winner was Esteban Benavides with the trailer of the movie "Inside Out", and for Category 2, the winners were Santiago Ramírez Múnera, Juan Pablo Velásquez and Camilo Calderón with a scene of the movie "Mr. Peabody and Sherman".

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