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Javeriana University - October 15, 2015

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The recording competition is an annual event organized by AES Javeriana, where the main goal is to reward student's academic excellence.

In order for students to participate in this event, they have to sign up with anteriority and send the audio they want to compete with. Their work can belong within any of these three categories:
Category 1, live recording
Category 2, acoustic recording
Category 3, live session recording (in studio)

The members of AES Javeriana arrived at the studio around noon to organize the event. Chairs and speakers where placed in the Live Room in order for students to be able to listen to their classmates' work while de jury discussed in the Control Room.

The jury for this occasion was conformed by Stefano Pizzaia and Daniel Bustos, two successful sound engineers who had listened and evaluated the audios days before. Nevertheless, they met up in the Control Room to listen to them for a last time before sharing their opinions. After some minutes of debate, the jury chose a winner for every category, and then organized them in order to have a first, second and third place for the general competition.

Following this, the jury walked to the Live Room where they played every single work and gave suggestions and constructive criticism to every contestant. This was the most important part of the entire event because students got incredibly important and detailed feedback about their job.

After speaking with the contestants, the jury announced the winners:

First Place: Alfredo Neira — Category 3
Second Place: Andres Gutierrez — Category 2
Third Place: Carlos Oviedo — Category 1

The third place received a gift card to be used in any Javeriana related institution. The second place got a direct box and, last but not least, the winner received an airplane ticket to New York to participate in the annual AES International Convention.

Despite the fact that not every student received a physical award, everyone won the amazing opportunity of having two experts listening and giving feedback of their job, which is a fantastic and exclusive chance for professional growth.

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