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Colombia - November 4, 2015

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For the fourth year, the Music Library of Señal Memoria held the Week of Sound. From the 4th of november thru the 6th, various activities to talk, learn and reflect on what sound, memory and files offer. On wednesday november 4th, the fourth version of the Colombian Week of Sound opened. This event was attended by international guests such as Wes Dooley (Estados Unidos), Nadja Walaszkovitz (Austria), Dietrich Schüller (Austria) y Richard Wright (Reino Unido), who spoke from their experience, the relationship between memory, sound and file archiving.

In addition, eighteen workshops on recording, post-production, restoration, live sound and mastering complemented the program for this annual event which was held with the support of the AES (Audio Engineering Society - Section Colombia), the University of San Buenaventura, Diffusion Magazine and the Archive of Bogotá. Together with the international guests, workshops were offered by Fabio Nicholls, Hugo Villegas, Camilo Madrigal, among other professionals in the field of Sound Engineering, with workshops on recording, sound design, restoration, live sound and mastering.

The Audio Engineering Society was involved in the production committee, coordinating all academic areas of the Week of Sound such as the selection of the national and international speakers for the event and the selection of the contents presented.

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