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Chicago - August 4, 2015

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The vehicle radio systems moved from a radio to becoming the hub of all types of entertainment and communication services. In consequence a variety of components, systems and services need to be optimized, tested and qualified in order to provide quality according to the high customer expectation on the one hand side and to allow manufacturers and their suppliers to qualify their implementations based on objective criteria. This presentation will introduce the general testing and system optimization approach and will mainly focus on new test methodologies:

- New objective perceptual based models for speech communication quality focusing on speech quality in background noise and echo
In car hands-free communications, two major problems exist: echo, produced by the strong acoustical coupling between loudspeaker and background noise picked up by the car's hands-free microphone in conjunction with the driver's speech signal. Two perceptual based methods allowing objectively predicting and optimizing speech quality are introduced.

- New objective model to objectively evaluate radio reception performance
Based on a recent research project done with a major radio manufacturer, a new objective methodology has been developed based on subjective jury studies. This methodology can speed up the evaluation of radio reception by eliminating the skilled operator and increase repeatability of testing thanks to the objective methodology.

- New testing procedures for In Car Communication (ICC) Systems
ICC systems reinforce communication between passengers in a vehicle using the existing speakers system and additional microphones located throughout the vehicle. But, with a new system comes new challenges. Latest, state of the art testing and optimization procedures for ICC will be introduced.

About The Speaker:
Dr.-Ing. H. W. Gierlich started his professional career in 1983 at the Institute for Communication Engineering at RWTH, Aachen. In 1988 he received a Ph. D. in electrical engineering. In 1989 he joined HEAD acoustics Inc. in Aachen as vice president. Since 1999 he is head of the HEAD acoustics telecom division. Since 2014 he is managing director at HEAD acoustics.
He is mainly involved in acoustics, speech signal processing and its perceptual effects, QOS & QOE topics, measurement technology and speech transmission quality.

He is active in ITU-T, ETSI, 3GPP, GCF, IEEE, TIA, CTIA, DKE and VDA and vice chair of the ETSI technical committee STQ and was chair of the ITU-T focus group CarCom. He is Rapporteur for various questions in ITU-T SG12.

He is author of more than 150 scientific papers and holds five patents. He is member of ASA, IEEE, VDE and DEGA where he was chair of the "Speech Communication" committee.

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