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Galatasaray ITM, Istanbul, Turkey - April 14, 2009

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At the 2009 SQL mixing seminar of the Turkish Student Section, Efe Demiryoguran gave a presentation on "recording ethnical instruments such as baglama,lute and using these records in mix " . He began his talk by focusing on traditional recording techniques. First, Efe made an overview on Turkish ethnical instruments characteristics, their frequency response, miking technique of this instruments and what kind of microphones should be used while recording ethnical instruments. After giving basic information, he described how to inject an ethnic instrument to a mix which is in different music styles, and explained setting EQ and compression technique on ethnical music. At the last part of his talk, he discussed supplementing the two-mic recordings with some spot mics to emphasize percussion. Then, more and more miking techniques were added as more emphasis was essential. This led into discussion of traditional instruments , which had so many recording problems.

The second speaker of the day was Çagan Tunali. He described what is "mixing in the box" and explained how to use it efficiently. While he was talking about DAW, he explained taking advantage of using plug-in and the most important points of using plug-in . He also emphasized importance of EQ and art of using Comressor for Rock music. Tunali also discussed some of the digital processing that can be done after the original tracks are recorded. Then the audience was given an oppurtunity to compare the signals and sound quality of different trademarks and models. At the beginning of the second part of his talk, he opened a project which was recorded beforehand by himself, and explained how phase can be abated from tracks by using computer software. . Çagan Tunali presented a very interesting and extremely well received talk on Digital Audio Workstation, DAW working principles, and some special insight into Plug-in. Tunali closed out his talk by giving a few professional interview tip about effective CPU using and ways of solving delay comprehension problem.

At the end of the colloquy, both speakers answered questions of the audience and shared their personal opinions about production in market.Then they told their experiences about some problems that, probably could exist in recording and mixing.

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