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Swedish - June 9, 2015

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Today's meeting was a collaboration between Swedish Radio and the Swedish section of the AES. Lasse Hedh from Swedish Radio (development) presented the speaker of the day, Andreas Hildebrand from ALC in Germany, as one of worlds three most eminient experts in Audio over IP. After Andreas had completed his 3 hour seminar it was evident that all 32 participants were convinced of his status.

The lecture was rich with information and very pedagogical. Andreas described the basic principles of networks and explained the difference between 'circuit switching' and 'packet switching'. We learned about the different Layers in networks and how they affect the transfer of audio. He explained the concept of a 'packet' and how this is exploited by some solutions using IP whilst others don't.

Finally a thorough run through of Ravenna and AES67 and the possibilities for interoperability between different networked audio systems.

It was a very inspiring meeting and many of the participants left Swedish Radio with a smile on their face.

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