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Italian - April 16, 2015

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With the term 3D Audio (3DA) we can define the set of methods and technologies that enable the recording/listening of a spatialized sound scene.

In the first seminar, was presented an overview of audio recording methods with microphone arrays suitable for spatialized 3DA. Were introduced problems and methods for high definition acoustic recording for stereo and spatialized audio. In particular the topics covered were: Double MS techniques and multichannel encoding. Decca Tree methods and its surround variants. Holophonic systems. First and second order Ambisonic microphones. A-B formats, encoding method of N channels surround systems.

In the second seminar, was presented an overview on the main techniques for 3D playback. In particular, discussion focused on: 3DA with headphone using the Head Related Transfer Functions, 3DA with pair of loudspeakers with cross-talk cancellation, multiple channels surround systems by Wave Field Synthesis, by analyzing the different issues related to the number of channels used and the problems related to the approximation on the reconstructed acoustic field.

Finally, it was made an acoustic recording/playback demonstration with coincident B-format Ambisonic microphone array, and subsequent decoding and listening on a system with eight loudspeakers.

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