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Southwestern College - April 20, 2015

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* Audio Recording of Presentation by David Scheirman & Ken Freeman (MP3 Audio - Length: 1:54:34)


David Scheirman started out the meeting by giving a brief history overview about AES. He clarified any questions we had about the society, especially to the newer members. Mr.Scheirman introduced us to his early life experiences and how he got introduced to the audio industry, it was very relatable to our student members. It was an eye-opener when Mr. Scheirman kept emphasizing the importance of being open minded when it came to job openings, for we truly do not know when one thing can lead to something even bigger. In addition, I'm sure all the members appreciated his lessons on how to market ourselves because "people skills" are something we can always improve on.

After, Mr. Scheirman finished his portion of the presentation Mr. Freeman discussed a lot about how to apply our talents, as well as where to apply these talents. He included a list of steps that I am sure every member took into great account. Another important detail Mr. Freeman emphasized on was how there are many opportunities for jobs because it is easily assumed that one person is in charge of the whole operation/event. In fact, it takes more than one person to set up and help things go as smooth as possible. Although they came from very different career paths, Mr. Freeman and Mr. Scheirman turned out be very like-minded people.

We truly appreciate their time coming down. It is without a doubt that these talented guests are very busy. We hope we can cross paths again with Mr. Scheirman and Mr. Freeman and I am sure that the members look forward to another visit in the future as well.

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