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Javeriana University - March 7, 2015

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This activity had the objective of giving freshmen students a realistic approach of how a Live Session works. They learned valuable information regarding every step in the process, including: mounting, connecting and dismounting equipment, and recording.

The members of AES Javeriana who assisted the event arrived at the studio at 7 a.m, and prepared the activity by: bringing the microphones, drums and cables, and by creating an input list to make sure that the freshmen could start connecting everything as soon as they arrived. The freshmen were taught how to record drums (which microphone to use in every drum and how to set the overheads' position).

Then the band (a Colombian Jazz band called Balandra, formed by Javeriana Jazz students) arrived, and the freshmen went into the control room, where they learned about the signal flow inside the studio and the use of the different equipment (control surface, pre- amplifiers, etc.). Within the Protools session, they where shown how to configure inputs and solve problems concerning the return of the instruments to the musicians. Besides, they learned how to put external processors and how the compressors and equalizers work (they were allowed to modify the parameters to understand how they affected the sound)

Throughout the activity, several questions were solved, including: the difference between pre and post fader, difference between compressor and limiter, which are the change in time and dynamic processes, different types of microphones, etc.

To conclude the activity, students where taught how to roll the cables to avoid tangles, and to put away the bases of the microphones.

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