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American River Regional - February 27, 2015

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Introduction - Dr. Merlyn Van Regenmorter

History of Chapter in the AES - Mr. Eric Chun

Our section is 26 years old and was founded in 1990 by Mr. Eric Chun
We are the only regional student section in the United States
The regional section includes Sacramento City College, Sierra College and ARC.

Officer Position Descriptions and Election - Dr. Merlyn Van Regenmorter

Chair Candidates

Michael Weiss (Elected)

Patrick O'Reilly

Frederick Thomas

David Hernandez

Vice-Chair Candidates

Nick Sepia

John Cleveland (Elected)

Patrick O'Reilly

Frederick Thomas

David Hernandez


Delbert Newcombe

Patrick O'Reilly (Elected)

David Hernandez

Nick Sepia


Nick Sepia

Delbert Newcombe (Elected)

David Hernandez

Members at Large (Committee Persons)

Thomas Genovese

Talia Poydras (Elected)

Frederick Thomas (Elected)

Suggestions from the Group - Dr. Merlyn Van Regenmorter

Mr. Robert Johnson Discusses Older Equipment

Bring In Vintage Gear

Genre Workshops

Micing Techniques - Tied in with Listening Sections

Studio Tours

Career Panels

Equipment Shootouts

Instrument Shootouts

Gear Plugins vs Gear (ex. LA2A plugins vs. LA2A LiquidPre emulation vs. actual LA2A)

Pedals vs. Rackmounted

Audio Event - Jon Talbot

Matched Pair of Royer 121s vs Earthworks QTC50s

Blumlein Pair Configuration

Grand Piano and Violin

High Sample Rate ProTools Session (192k)

Next Meeting: Executive Committee - Friday, March 6th @ 8:00AM

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After an introduction by the previous chapter adviser, Mr. Eric Chun, the new chapter adviser and chair of the Commercial Music Recording Program at American River College, Dr. Merlyn Van Regenmorter, presided over officer elections. Michael Weiss is now the chair, John Cleveland is the vice-chair, Patrick O'Reilly is the secretary, Delbert Newcombe is the treasurer, and both Talia Poydras and Frederick Thomas are committee persons. Following the election Jon Talbot hosted an event comparing matched pairs of Royer 121s with Earthworks QTC50s arranged in a Blumlein Pair configuration using both a grand piano and violin. Eleven members and fourteen non-members were in attendance.

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