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Los Angeles - January 27, 2015

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The January meeting for the AES-LA featured a moderated conversation amongst 3 live sound professionals: Jason Alt of Delicate Productions, Harold Blumberg of Harold Blumberg Sound Design and Jon Monson of Rat Sound. The moderator for the discussion was AES-LA Chairman Greg Riggs. Topics included brief career histories for the panelists (how they first got involved in live sound, and where their careers have taken them), the bidding process for a gig, site surveys, gear preferences, analog vs. digital consoles, speaker technology, and the current state of the art for live sound reinforcement.

In taking questions from the audience, the panelists tackled such topics as the utility of 5.1 or even 3D object-based sound playback, the budgeting process (in which it was agreed that sound is often sadly de-prioritized in show budgets), means of reproducing extreme LFE (such as for Electronic Dance Music shows), and the logistics of music festivals in which the headliners bring in their own sound systems and crews to be integrated into the overall sound system.

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