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University of Massachusetts-Lowell - February 18, 2009

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Nick Allen, Shawn Bernardo, and Philippe LeSaux presented their findings for a study on recording drums that took place under the supervision of Professor Alex Case during the Fall of 2008. The goal of the research was to listen to and analyze a drum kit recorded by several sets of room mikes in a medium sized room with variable acoustics. The group talked both objectively and subjectively about the spectral differences between drum kit positions within the room, as well as different mic placements, and the acoustics of the room itself. Recordings were played for the audience to allow them to hear the different setups. The research was compiled into an interactive website,, to allow anyone to experiment with different drum/mike placements and come up with their own conclusions. Session details are provided on the site, which includes blueprints of the concept, pictures of the session, and all of the wave files. A dropbox is available to share the listener's findings with the research group, allowing the site to grow over time.

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