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Colombia - January 28, 2015

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For this occasion the Committee of the AES Colombia Section decided to offer an exclusive conference for its members. It was attended by some of the most prominent members of the country. The purpose of the event was to give a lecture of collective interest, provide a space to generate relationships and networking between our members and share the progress of the association in the region. A conference in Immersive Audio was given by our Vice Chair Ricardo Escallón, a specialist in the field of post-production and immersive audio.

Prior to the event, our Chair Andrés Millán, shared with the attendees the accomplishments of the association in the last year and the projects for this year. Continuously, the staff from Aqstica Ltda and SchallerTech (sponsors of the event), shared all the acoustic and electroacoustic aspects of the Dolby Atmos room, the space that was available for the lecture. It was of common interest to know the evolution of the room from its beginnings to the current configuration.

Subsequently, Escallón proceeded with his presentation of Immersive Audio, from the semantics of the word immersive to the different manufacturers that develop the formats. Ricardo shared the research he developed in Germany, where he analyzed objectively and subjectively different formats implementing a Neumann binaural head and captured of different formats in various studios throughout Europe for the development of an analysis of the samples.

The formats that were presented throughout the conference were Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D and Iosonus. Escallón outlined the different tools that each manufacturer created to develop spatialization in each system. The most interesting topic of the conference was to determine the work processes of each system and the speakers configurations for each format. It was also important the time assigned for interaction among members to discuss immersive audio formats and hear the anecdotes and experiences of Ricardo within the evolution of surround sound and immersive audio in the last years.

In the event several demonstrations of the system were showed so that the attendees get in context of the topic, Immersive Audio. After each demo, the panelist shared a about the audiovisual content posted for the attendees. Members constantly shared on experiences in major events like the annual conventions of the association appointed to the topic. The result aroused the enthusiasm of several of our members to attend the international events developed by the Audio Engineering Society.

At the end of the event, the committee offered some time for attendees to meet and share about their works and contribution in audio to generate a network among our members. The event was met with great success and the committee decided to keep this type of activities and networking meetings every year or semester. For the event prominent and renowned members attended such as Carlos Silva, Andrés Landínez, Marcela Zorro, Camilo Silva, Stefano Pizzaia, among others.

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