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Kansas City - January 19, 2015

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The meeting, held at Char Bar in Wesport, was called to order by Donna Miller-Brown. With no minutes of past meetings to review, and no section funds, those elements were skipped. There was also no old business to cover.

The main item of new business was to elect new officers. A discussion of the various tasks and potential plans followed, with the following slate being determined:

For chair: Ian Corbett
For vice chair: Mark Elting
for secretary/treasurer: Donna Miller-Brown

The new officers were accepted by acclamation.
Their terms will begin at the close of the current meeting.

A discussion of possible meeting topics and locations followed. A general list was made.

Audio-Technica, Genelec
KCPT station tour
Church of the Resurrection tour
Kaufmann and Arrowhead Stadiums

Chriss Scherer, who is still active with the Kansas City chapter of the Society of Broadcast Engineers will continue to watch for SBE meetings that may be of interest to the AES section.

Wheeler Audio, Element, Chapman, Weight and Measures, Soundtrek, Stageport.

With the location ideas came a suggestion to compile a list of studios and facilities in the area for general reference and to have available as potential leads for anyone needing services or looking for work. In addition, noting if the facilities offer internships.

The motion to adjourn was made by Miller-Brown, seconded by Beck. Unanimous.

Prepared and submitted by Chriss Scherer, secretary

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