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Javeriana University - May 19, 2014

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On Monday, May 19, at the "A" Studio of the Ático Center in the Javeriana University, was held the Tuning Drums Workshop organized by the AES Javeriana comittee. This workshop was possible due to the magament made by f Andrés Millán, President of AES Colombia, his collaboration made this workshop a reality.
Alejandro Duque, drummer and one of the few drum-tech in Colombia, was the one who gave the workshop. His experience speaks for itself: drummer of important rock band in Colombia, session drummer, and the drum-tech of the biggest rock festival in Latin America, "Rock Al Parque".
For the workshop, the AES Javeriana committee made a registration process for a maximun of 20 persons. The registration had a price of 12$, and for those who are current members of AES International was made a disscount of 20% over the regular price of registration.
In the activity, that took 4 to 5 hours, Alejandro Duque told stories about his work and carreer in relation to the technical and performing issues of the drums in the recording studio and live performances contexts. He shared with the attendees his knowledge and understanding of the instrument, as well as his techniques in order to achieve a ready drum-set for a quick and effective tuning. Duque also explained the way in which each part of the drum-set work as an individual instrument, and also the relation of each part with the entire drum-set.
At the end, the workshop was rather short of time, since Alejandro Duque had all the interest and conviction in continuing to share other details with the audience, but because of the time, the workshop had to be suspended. Still, everyone, including Alejandro himself, were satisfied and happy with the workshop, in which undoubtedly, great tips and exceptional knowledge of the drums were exposed and shared.

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