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Javeriana University - May 14, 2014

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On May 14 of 2014 the first Conversatory about Mixing was held in the Music Faculty of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, organized and led by AES Javeriana Committee. The event was sponsored by Universal Audio, Chris Pelonis, Retro Knob, and received the support of Colombia AES.
The conversatory consisted in four speakers and a moderator, all of which are both engineers and teachers. Ricardo Escallón, current university professor and ex-director of the emphasis on sound engineering at the Faculty of Music, was in charge to moderate the event. On the other hand, as speakers attended José Leonardo Pupo, Juan José Salazar, Marcela Zorro and Alejandra Bernal, being the last one the current director of the emphasis on sound engineering.
The talk was divided into two parts:
-In the first part, each one of the speakers showed to the auditorium a mix that they have made and worked on. They shared with the assistants their criteria for mixing, the process of their work, experiences and random facts about their final result in each one of their mixes.
-For the second part all the speakers answered some questions made by Ricardo Escallón in order to generate discussion on topics related to the theme of the discussion group and enrich the knowledge of the students, who also had the opportunity to ask questions to speakers.
The Conversatory About Mixing was, among all the events organized by AES Javeriana in the first academic year period, the one which received more attendance with a total of 61 persons, 14 of whom are active members of AES International. The event was well received among students and are expected to be managed more events like this one, covering different topics.

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