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Japan - August 8, 2014

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There is growing interest in High Resolution audio and in recordings using higher data rates than CD. However this trend is unstructured and progress is stalled in coding ideas established before 2000. In this lecture Bob shows how recent findings in neuroscience, perception and signal processing, point in a new and exciting direction.
In advance of AES Los Angeles, Bob presented his new concept of high-res audio file codec. Started from facts and figures of current CD quality audio file and its rationales behind, scientific study in Audio field back in 80's and today's technology leap showed an evidence to support benefits that is brought by high-res music to human listening perception. Followed by explaining a concept of a new algorithm to make a high-res audio file size significantly smaller than the traditional one like Flac. Bob brought thousands of audio files that are encoded in this format with him so we could finish up the event by listening session. We all agreed the file size of current high-res audio can be a hurdle for consumers to adopt to high-res music files into today's portable music device trend while the file size reduction would benefit the expansion of the high-res audio trends.

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