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Atlanta - September 20, 2014

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This event marked the 10th Annual Student Workshop held by the AES Atlanta Section. This years workshop consisted of four rotating classes. Cubase was taught by Greg Ondo on Steinberg. Greg was able to demonstrate operation of the DAW while students followed along on their own individual computers.

Critical Listening was taught by Jim Anderson of Jim Anderson Sound. Jim explain how to listen to the different frequency bands and how to evaluate them against source material. He then proceeded to play several listening examples for students to pick out different sets of frequencies.

Julian King (Jo De Messina, Chris Young, Tracey Lawrence) instructed the mixing class. Julian gave an overview of the mixing process then showed several of his sessions to students for a live demonstration.

The last class was the recording workshop lead by Matt Still (Elton John, Fall Out Boy, Outkast). He was assisted by Kristy Craft and Keith Huff (Turner Studios), and Tim Jones (Sugarland, Snarky Puppy). The class gave an overview of the recording process.

Students were then able to go into the studios live room and hear several different types of microphones and their characteristics. Afterwards the students observed tracking of a 3-piece band from the control room.

The workshop ended with a Q&A panel consisting of all the presenters. Topics included career paths, education, and other questions pertaining to the audio industry.

The workshop was sponsored by Turner Studios, Comprehensive Technical Group, Techrep Marketing, Steinberg, Telefunken, IZotope, Waves, The Atlanta Institute Of Music, and Atlanta Pro Audio.

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