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Colombia - August 2, 2014

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During the panel in Mastering offered by AES Colombia, with the engineers Carlos Silva (C1 Mastering), José Leonardo Pupo (JLP Audio), and Camilo Silva (CSF Mastering) and under the moderation of Jonnathan González (Ene Audio), the speakers proceeded to discuss advanced themes in Mastering. The topics were selected to be completely different from the ones exposed in previously events developed by AES Colombia and third parties.

Throughout the panel, recommendations for the preparation of the mix before mastering were specified. Also, the process of Mastering by Stems, Digital Master for online platforms such as itunes, soundcloud, streaming audio, among others, Meters and the Recommendation EBU R128 and the new responsibilities of mastering in the informal production environments we face today, were mentioned.

The method of the panel was to offer through the speakers' experiences the specific issues they deal in mastering, but focused for engineers who work professionally in the fields of mastering and mixing. In each subject the opportunity to share opinions by the audience was always open; however, along the the discussion, new concerns and questions were presented by the speakers and assistants. The event began with the participation of the moderator Jonnathan González from Ene Audio, who opened the panel with the processes to consider when delivering a mix to the Mastering process.

At the end of the event, the panelists proceeded to play audio samples of projects that have been developed by them. The speakers described the different processes developed in each audio and stated how to take important decisions within different productions and situations. With this, each speaker described instances of production and the result after various mastering processes in their studios. Finally, they proceeded to answer questions from the audience.

The event was sponsored by the Recording Studio Mix Factory, Beyerdynamic and Nexo through Soundlogics and Yamaha Corporation through Yamaha Musical.

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