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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - July 3, 2014

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We had the honor of hearing from a Omar Loya, who is actively working in the field of music production in California. His appearance at the meeting this week was entirely unexpected. When we got word that he was looking to talk to us, the entire student body revelled at the idea of hearing from him.

He told us about the many trails and tribulations that he had to go through in order to get to his current standing. Currently, he is working as the primary tracking engineer for Lil' Wayne himself.

With the genre that his work primarily lies in, there were many students, who were passionate about this kind of music, in the audience. The microphone was passed around for students who had questions for Omar. There were so many questions that we needed to cut them off in order to end the meeting.

Overall, the meeting was a huge success and enjoyed by all. Students were inspired and more mentally prepared for the journey onward from CRAS.

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