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Javeriana University - April 30, 2014

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In April, AES Javeriana Committee organized and carried out the frequency response measurement of the microphones that are available in the Centro Ático, building that is equipped with the studios, laboratories, audio accessories and items that the audio engineering students use to work in their university projects and duties.

The event was proposed and led by Juan David Sierra, student member and head of the research section of the committee, as an academic activity from which the students could take advantage and as an opportunity to check the status of Ático's microphones in terms of frequency and phase response, based on the results obtained of the practical exercise.

With the help of the other members of the committee, and the attendance of about 25 students from various semesters, 30 differents microphones were measured having as reference the measurement obtained from the DPA-4007TL, which was the one with the most neutral response among the other microphones. As sound tool, pink noise was used to measure all the microphones, and in order to register all the data and information, was used the spectral analysis software "Smaart".

The students who assisted to the event were quite interested in the activity, and although some concepts were not very clear to all participants, Juan Sierra, manager of the activity, was always very attentive to solve any doubt.

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