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Javeriana University - March 12, 2014

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With the sponsorship of SoundLogics and the support of AES Colombia another edition of the Public Display was held at the Centro Atico's auditorium, in which the works made by the audio engineering students of the Javeriana University are shown and exposed to the community. For this Public Display, a call takes place in which deadline is set for the students to submit their works to the AES Javeriana Committee in order to share their work and participate in the event. In this edition, the topic of the Public Display was the audiovisual works, made in the classes of Media Workshop 1, Media Workshop 2 and Post Production.

Maria Camila Mogollon and Luisa Pinzón, Chair and Vice-Chair of the committee made the presentation and introduction of the event. For this event, we had the opportunity of inviting José Valenzuela and Alejandro Jaramillo as jurors of the event. Their profiles can be found at the end of the document *.

In order to encourage and stimulate student participation and supporting their work, a contest in which a winner is chosen in each category is made in every Public Display. For this occasion three categories, one for each class/subject, were defined. Of the 23 works presented, the 3 winners were:

-Media Workshop 1 (seen in the 5th semester): Trailer mixed in stereo. The winner was Juan Felipe Herrera Bustos with "Toy Story 3".
-Media Workshop 2 (seen inte 6th semester): Animated short film mixed in 5.1. The winners were Esteban Sánchez, Santiago Gonzalez, and Andrei Sources with "Jack Jack".
-Post Production (seen in the 8th semester): Short story film mixed in 5.1. The winners were Juan Amaya and Diana girl with "Life, Death and Rebirth.

Despite some technical problems, the event was successful thanks to the joint efforts of AES Javeriana Committee and the logistical support group (which is made up of students of sound engineering). The importance of these events lies in the exposition of works in order to make them public and achieve academic feedback process that aims to build learning and knowledge.
José Valenzuela:
José Valenzuela is a sound post-producer for audio-visual projects. He has worked in the post-production of feature films and short films as: Perro Come Perro, La Milagrosa, La Sangre y la Lluvia, Todos tus Muertos, A tus Espaldas, Te Odio Luz Roja, Viajeras de Dos Mundos, El Cartel de los Sapos, Asumare, El Vientre, Ciudad Delirio and, Memorias del Calavero. In these projects he have worked as effects editor, dialogue editor, Foley artist and mixing. He graduated from the Javeriana University as sound engineer and has a Master in the Cinema program from the Catholic University of Chile.
Alejandro Jaramillo:
Entrepreneur, Creative Director and creator of Amniotic Ltd., a company dedicated to the music and sound design for film, television, video games, arts and media in general. He is a sound engineer graduated from the University of San Buenaventura with a Master in Advanced Mixing and Mastering at Berklee College of Music. He has produced sound and/or music for feature films, television commercials, television series, video games, radio and Apps.

In advertising he has worked with brands such as MTV, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, Coca Cola, Nokia, Ford, DirectTV, Halls, Adidas, Kleenex, Toyota, Nivea, Chevrolet and directors of Colombia, Ireland, Slovenia, Canada, Brazil, UK, France, South Korea, Argentina, Spain, Italy and the United States.

Aso, he is the founder and director of the Electronic Orchestra of Bogota; creator and producer of the project "Ghosts with Guns", "Geek" and "Femme"; musician and programmer of the projects "Altered States" and "Ion"; creator of the companies Astronaut Media , AmnioticaLab, Algorritmo, Cambalache and Social Media Naranja.

Finally, he has worked in feature films and short films like Desterrada, Pinup Dolls on Ice, RojoRed, Hello Goodbye, Half Dead, Volver a Morir , Asunto de Gallos, and Hills 245. On television he has participated in the series Diario de un Sueño, Mamá También, Contra las Cuerdas, and Secretos del Paraíso.

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