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Javeriana University - March 26, 2014

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With the sponsorship of SoundLogics and the support of AES Colombia, a new edition of the conference "Dynamic Range - Analog Phase" took place on March 26th. The lecture was given by Hugo Villegas, a sound engineer specialized in audio CD's mastering, who also studied electronics and communications.

This event took place in one of the conference rooms of the building Fernando Barón, in the facilites of the Javeriana University. In 29 people attended the event, mostly students from audio engineering programs of the Javeriana University, University of San Buenaventura and the Guerrero Academy of Arts. Among the assistants 6 of them were active subscribed members of the AES.

This conference covered deep topics in audio and electronics, and has a duration of aproximately 3 hours. The main purposes of the lecture given by Hugo Villegas revolved around the development and improvement of the usage of the dynamic range in different circumstances. For this purpose, he conceptualized and explained the components of the dynamic range in order to acquire greater comprehension and understanding of the term based on diagrams, circuits, formulas and an oscilloscope.

Although the conference had to be shortened due to time restricions, Hugo Villegas demonstrated his understanding, management and experience in this field. The event also featured the active participation of some of the attendees. With no doubt, it was a great and enriching talk that left completely satisfied Hugo, the attendees and the AES Javeriana committee.

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