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Colombia - December 5, 2013

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The opening ceremony was led by Andrés Millán — Chair AES Colombia - who presented the association and the new local and international benefits for AES members. Subsequently, Marcela Zorro — Committee Secretary -- introduced the engineer and producer Martha de Francisco.

Within the framework of the conference Music Production in the Age of Information, Martha explained the evolution of the music industry, facing new technological resources that accompany it. In addition, De Francisco shared her research project virtual spaces, breaking the whole process behind capturing and sharing the acoustic processes behind the research for the emulation of several spaces. Attendees learned about the Haydn Project: A Virtual Experience.

Continuously, Martha outlined some cases concerning piracy and stated the case referred by her as 'The Pavarotti Case', where she exposed the audience how through different engineering tools and always guided by her skills, could prove to a jury the falsity of the implementation of copyright without their respective permission.

De Francisco compared the technological developments against the paintings 'Rise of the objects' from La Huaca de la Luna, which belong to the Mochica culture of Peru, where the paintings show how men created different tools and how they become to predominate over them. To conclude, Martha, shared how the progress in digital tools optimized her workflow, but considering the risks to wrongly implement these.

The event was sponsored by the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Ene Audio Institute, and VCR Ltda. Martha's conference was provided with an interactive projector from Panasonic, a set of Genelec monitors 8050, another set of monitors Genelec 8040 and a M12 Soundcraft analog console.

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