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Italian - November 7, 2013

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The University of Bologna with the collaboration Italian Section of the Audio Engineering Society, held the workshop on: "3D Audio for Acoustic and Architecture".
The main purpose of the meeting was to bring together experts, scientists, practitioners to discuss of frontier research issues on 3D recording techniques and 3D sound reproduction. Several experts from academia and industry were present and the program was very rich.
In particular, the program of the day has been:
Lamberto Tronchin - 3D Audio and Architectural Acoustics
Andrea Venturi — Signal Processing in audio 3D: recording and reproduction techniques.
Alberto Amendola - 3D spatialization measurements in theaters.
Aurelio Uncini - Adaptive Signal Processing for 3D Audio
Leonardo Scopece - The 3D-VMS project in CRIT - RAI
Michele Genorazzo - Head-Related Transfer Function Measurement and Modeling
Filippo Fazi - Auralization of 3D audio signals.
Angelo Farina - 3D Audio virtualization techniques.
gelo Farina, University of Parma, - 3D Audio virtualization techniques.

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