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Pacific Northwest - October 24, 2013

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Steve Turnidge, mastering engineer, author, and co-founder of the Mostly Modular Trade Association (MMTA), brought us up to date on the current trends in the re-emerging world of modular synthesis, on the eve of their "Synthfest" Oct 26. 13 AES Members and 16 non members attended.

Steve introduced James Husted of Synthwerks. James described the basic components of modular synthesis, how sounds are created, and a brief history of East/West coast synth evolution.
There was a short jam session with Steve demonstrating how a guitar can be used as a sound source in a modular synth.

Also demonstrated was a more complex sequencer module from Division-6. Next, a video demo of an innovative sequencer module designed Mickey Delp of Delptronics was shown.
We then had a Skype discussion with Danjel van Tijn of Intelligel Designs, Vancouver, BC about their latest synth modules.

After a break, door prizes consisting of a Quneo T Shirt, and the Steve Turnidge books, "Desktop Mastering" and "Beyond Mastering" were presented.

Continuing, Christian Heilman explained the features of the Mcmillan instruments touch pad controllers and gave a short performance demonstrating its capabilities.
A short discussion and performance was given by Greg Campbell (aka Pressure Suit), who integrates several software programs and video triggers to produce Dub Step / Glitch music.
Lance Hayes, aka "D.J. Drunkenmaster" provided a short history of his background and discussed how he uses Reason software to compose/design sound tracks for video games and his most recent work with Forza Motorsport games in particular

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