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Ohio University - September 4, 2013

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For the first AES meeting of the year, the board started off by discussing the many unknown career options for audio engineers. Later on in the meeting, a brief recording session was conducted using various types of mics. The recording was then played back for the attendees. At that point we discussed how and why the mics colored the recording of the acoustic guitar being played. Towards the end of the meeting, we considered the possibility of having section t-shirts in order to promote the society.
During our question and answer session of the meeting, we asked the new attendees what they wanted to cover/discuss in future chapter meetings. The responses are as followed:
1.) ADR and Dialogue
2.) Sound Design with Video Games
3.) Mastering
4.) Live Sound
5.) The process of jingle writing
6.) Forensic Audio
7.) Acoustics and acoustic treatment
8.) Sound Foley
8.) Analog vs. Digital and the ensuing debate

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