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Argentina - August 1, 2013

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Natalia Sotelo — To watch by listening... Direct Sound

On Thursday, August 1st 2013, AES Argentina gave its 2nd presentation within Estudio Urbano's series conferences "Alta Fidelidad" introducing our friend and colleague, as well as a prominent professional, Natalia Sotelo, also part of the AES Argentina Executive Committee.

In over two hours time Natalia went through various topics showing grace to be found only in he who knows and works with a passion, proceeding to include the different aspects of this job, to mention a few: proper planning for a shooting, sound design, area intervention, budgets, time schedules. Also discussed were the reading of the technical and the literal script (to complement the director's requirements), sound design related to materials, locations, equipment, logistics, and post-production.

The goals of direct sound were announced and stressed: intelligibility, depth and coherence in sound, background and timbre.

At a certain point in Natalia's speech it was said that "LISTENING TO THE WORLD WE ARE IN WILL HELP US THINK ABOUT THE WORLD WE WANT TO CREAT". To emphasize such a phrase, the speaker would invite the audience to actually go and visit the places where those worlds would be represented, but other practical examples could be experienced during her presentation too, as Natalia would bring microphones, cables, boom poles, windshields, headphones, all to Estudio Urbano, and handle them to anybody who would want to play the role of a sound designer for the moment.

Indeed a very hands-on presentation, warm yet advanced, which served to share some knowledge and also set a real stage for an insight of the world of direct sound.

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