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Italian - June 12, 2013

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The Italian Section of the Audio Engineering Society, with the collaboration of Sapienza University of Rome and the Conservatory L. Refice of Frosinone, held the workshop on "Technologies for Digital Audio and Music." The workshop, a biennial appointment for researchers and major audio companies, has reached its 11th edition, and was held at the prestigious 'Aula del Chiostro' of the Faculty of Engineering, Rome.
The main purpose of the conference was to bring together experts, scientists, practitioners to discuss of latest research issues on audio and music technologies (sound, music, sound recording and playback, acoustic perception, cultural and sociological aspects, auditory communication, music languages, acoustic and electronic musical instruments, room acoustics, microphone techniques and so on).
As in every edition, this year the program was very rich. Several experts from academia and industry were present. The program of this edition was:
Daniele Turchetta, — Technicolor Spa -- "Dubbing and film post-production";
Christian Landone, — BEA srl, Torino -- "Objective evaluation of recording and playback surround techniques";
Salvatore Zocco, — M. Casale Bauer -- "Parallel A-B for stereo live productions";
Stefano Lucato, Emanuele Parravicini, — Samplemodeling-SWAM engine — "Modeling expressive acoustic instruments with sampled sounds resynthesis";
Marco Moschetti, — KORG Italy Spa -- "The hardware role in the electronic musical instruments";
Alberto Pinto, — CESMA -- "Dynamical systems and music";
Marco Massimi, — Conservatorio 'L. Refice', Frosinone -- "Dynamical processes in mastering";
Giovanni Costantini, Massimiliano Todisco, — Università "Tor Vergata" di Roma -- Wave to midi conversion: the case of piano music";
Fabrizio Bianco, — Record producer -- "New audio technologies in record production".

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