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University of York - May 12, 2013

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?In concord with with the 134th AES conference in Rome, The University of York Student Section ran a recording competition. There were over three times more entries than the previous year due to better publicity and some great prizes with entries into all four categories:
• Traditional Acoustic Recording
• Traditional Studio Recording
• Modern Studio Recording
• Sound for Visual Media
The entries were judged by audio professionals in the Department of Electronics and the Department of Music (including the Faculty Advisor Damian Murphy), and the results were as follows:
FirstPrize ­Simon­ClaudiusWystrachwhowonsubsidisedtravelandfreeentrytotheannual AES conference in Rome, along with a copy of Pro Tools 10 courtesy of our sponsor 'Academia'.
Second Prize ­ Alex Jones who won a Sontronics STC­3X microphone pack, courtesy of our sponsor 'Sontronics'.
Third Prize ­ Simon­Claudius Wystrach who also won a Sontronics STC­10 pencil condenser microphone, courtesy of our sponsor 'Sontronics'.
Simon, who entered separate tracks into three different categories went on to attend the annual 134th AES Convention in Rome. While in Rome Simon was elected the Student Delegate Assembly Vice Chair for European and International Regions.

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