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Peru - November 21, 2012

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The panel was conformed by well-known Peruvian professionals with an extensive trajectory in our country. They solved issues with profound interest for musicians and sound engineers of our region: "Music Production in Peru" and "The Reality of Concerts in Peru". The panel was conformed by personalities such as Nilo Velarde, Jaime Cuadra (singer and producer for "Cholo Soy") Rafo Arbulú (Latin Grammy for Best Recording Engineer for "Días nuevos"), Lalo Paredes, Jorge Azama (Live Sound Engineer for Eva Ayllon), Tato del Campo (Sound Engineer for some of the best national groups), Coqui Fernández, Andrés Cuadros, y Alejandro Juárez.
Succeeding, the academic development was in charge of the Peruvian Engineer based in the United States, German Villacorta, who has worked with megastars like Ozzy Osbourne, The Rolling Stones, Juan Gabriel and our talented and lovely Eva Ayllon (just to name a few). German focused his two days seminar on "Deciphering the recording and mixing process."
We shared with the assistances: AES members, AES students Orson Welles and general public an intense journey of satisfactions and knowledge.

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