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Pacific Northwest - September 24, 2008

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"Inside a Remote Truck"
by Jeffrey Bruton, JMB Technical Corp., Sequim WA

Meeting held September 24, 2008, at Easy Street Records, Seattle WA

The PNW Section September 2008 meeting was a tour of a new local remote recording truck run by Jeffrey Bruton of JMB Technical Corp. of Sequim, WA. The truck was parked at Easy Street Records in the West Seattle neighborhood. Attendees gathered at the Easy Street Cafe for an introduction, and signups for groups of four at a time inside the truck. 13 AES members and 8 non-members attended.

The meeting opened with new PNW Chair Steve Turnidge noting future AES meetings, and short introductions from attendees. Vice Chair Rick Chinn noted the upcoming AES convention in San Francisco, and a speaker manufacturer visit to Seattle that attendees were welcome to attend.

Remote recording truck owner Jeffrey Bruton than gave an introduction to his truck and the main concepts of remote truck operation. The truck itself is a 16 foot Chevy box truck, with an analog Soundcraft TS12 console, Genelec 1031A and Auratone monitors behind grilles, a Tascam MX2424 digital multitrack (with room for an analog multitrack) and a complement of processors and other gear. Acoustic design was by Martin Pilcher. A 48 channel transformer isolated split snake system is standard, and a 10KVA transformer isolated power system.

Jeffrey covered the basics of remote recording while interfacing with a live performance sound system. Ideally, he will use his equipment to split the microphones already being used off to his truck. Transformer mike splitters are crucial to ensure that the recording system is well isolated from the house sound system. An active digital snake might be a lot easier, but doesn't provide the level of fault isolation needed. The truck typically records a multitrack and a simultaneous stereo mix.

The night's attendees were organized into groups of four for 15 minute tours. Auditioning your own CDs was encouraged. While waiting, visitors could try any number of lively businesses in the vibrant West Seattle neighborhood, and were contacted by cellphone when their appointment came up.

Door prizes were won by:
Melissa Dow & Kris Simonsen - CDs courtesy of Starbuck's Hear Music, via Dan Mortensen
Dr. Mike Matesky - Whirlwind guitar tuner, courtesy of Whirlwind/Rick Chinn

-reported by Gary Louie, AES PNW Section

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