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Japan Student - September 1, 2012

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On Sep. 1st, we held a study meeting "AES Japan Student Section Sound & Music Workshop vol.3" at AUDIO&HomeTheater SHOWROOM on and on at Shintomicho in Tokyo.
The meeting was titled "listening of sound works by the students vol.2". The students brought their sound works to a audition section, then exchanged and discussed ideas about it.
This time we had also a lecture with the following topics : "Recording technic of Drums", "The new stereo recording techniques", "Live recording at the situation of limited machinery and materials" and "Comparison of Sound design of Audio Drama ".
Questions and answers section was also made, we discussed the way of expressing emotion in sound design, and the new method of stereo recording that one of the students created.
The after party was held in the studio in AUDIO&HomeTheater SHOWROOM "On and On". We had many new visiter, were we talked to each other about usual activities, helping to widening the circle of students.

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