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Capital University - September 28, 2012

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Rob Joseph - MusicMax Inc. (guest speaker)

* "...the passion and business of Music."
* Sales and marketing company in the production/music industry.
* Deal with sound contractors, installation, production companies, etc
* YOU ARE THERE TO HELP COMPANY ACHIEVE ITS OBJECTIVE, and in turn, it satisfies your passion.
* To work for RJG, you have to know gear.
* When you go into an interview, you're on the clock. Need a good first impression.
* Must look good, or it shows disrespect.
* Always have to put yourself in a position to think about that company.
* Opportunities and Advantages
* Create expectations
* Require action
* Creativity is a factor
* Life is an action sport
* People are rewarded based on what they DO.
* A mediocre idea enacted always beats a great idea left on the table.
* As an employer, I ideally want:
* An ACTION based creative mind-set.
* Don't come with just an idea, but an action plan.
* What makes you want to hire someone who has just graduated from college?
* Get yourself in a mindset that says, "What do I bring to the party?"
* Looking for people who are hungry and tenacious to achieve their objectives AND help the company that they're working for achieve theirs.
* How do you even get an interview?
* Create a relationship
* Selling yourself
* Looking to learn something about the company
* Maybe there's a skill set that you have that you didn't think was a value, but the company sees it as a value
* No matter WHAT you're going into in music, it's the music BUSINESS
* There is money being made
* Everyone gets caught up in the passion and love.
* Bob Lefsetz
* Music industry commentator
* Writer and attorney for record labels
* Talks about how the landscape has changed in the music industry.
* "Lefsetz Letter"

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