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Capital University - September 21, 2012

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* Looking for bands to play
* Oranjudio Studios (guest speakers)
* Zach Graves, Drew Bullock
* Zack

* Full-service production services, commercial services
* No major in audio electronics/recording (majored in economics) but started building studio when junior in college
* Rented space, started studio in 2007-2008
* Hard work, knowing the right people
* Also had a "day time" job; works selling pianos across the country.
* Didn't spend money
* Drew
* started in basement, had 2-3 studios before Oranjudio.
* Oranjudio 1
* Did self-construction from YouTube (some info reputable and some not)
* Good learning experience, because second studio was better
* Oranjudio 2 is much better.
* Oranjudio as a name
* Because the outside is orange
* Business model for Oranjudio
* Wanted it to be a "country club" atmosphere.
* Producer can get membership, pay flat monthly fee for a number of hours
* Didn't work.
* Goal: never wanted to be in studio
* Had to find people to work there (marketing, credible, etc)
* First year was slim, but recognition of studio spread
* Moved out of the first studio, and moved down the street.
* Off of 4th in Italian Village
* Good business choice to move studio
* Now, business stays consistent and busy.
* Costed a total of $12,000 for both studios to be built out of pocket.
* Being a good buyer will help the business; must control every aspect of costs yourself.
* Keep personal life separate from your business.
* Ate noodles and peanut butter & jelly for three months because he over-spent.
* Marketing
* Marketed by word of mouth
* Stays busy and consistent
* Do a lot of your marketing yourself, too.
* Website has a different type of design
* Philosophy, bios, etc. more important than gear list on website and has got them business
* Famous recording credits
* Mac Miller recorded at Oranjudio yesterday...they recorded Flo Rida the other week.
* Did voice-overs for Squidbillies on Cartoon Network
* Gear
* Toft board
* 8 outboard preamps (purchasing more preamps)
* 16 Channel Mackie board
* Source -> Room -> mic
* "Do you interact with other studios?"
* No, because not sociable.
* Other studios are good, just doesn't interest him.
* Will allow people to come in and record just one track on an instrument Oranjudio owns
* His client is the producer, not the band.
* "How long did it take for business to start making money?"
* Took about two and a half to three years to start making profit, if there are costs involved
* Engineers make a living at studio.
* "How did you save the money to open a studio?"
* Didn't blow money on the small things
* Didn't drive a lot.
* Have to be a "robot" for a while, and most things bought are an investment.
* "What did you do to the room to make it sound great?"
* No flutter echo, etc.
* Just got lucky with the space.

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