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Beijing - September 8, 2012

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Under the introduction by Mr. ZHU Feng all attendees have reviewed together the Technical Document of AES TD 1001 regarding the multichannel surround sound system and operation. Some members said that all most a decade was gone after this document released in 2003. The professionals know more about surround sound and gathered more and more experiences. But as a fundamental document its suggestions are all useful for our inspection for the existing surround sound studios here in China.
After the discuss Ms. QU Lu from Genelec represented how the loudspeaker system of 5.1 Surround Sound was installed and configured. For this meeting Genelec installed in the studio where the AES Beijing Section located 3 x 8260A as front loudspeakers (L, C, R) and 2 x 8250A as surround loudspeakers (LS, RS) and 1 x 7271A as Subwoofer.
Then Mr. Zhao Bingkun showed his works recorded by 5.1 surround sound system. One of his works calls Bird Singing. The attendees experienced what is the surround sound should be and how to make the sound resources surround.
At last Mr. LI Dakang gave us a wonderful show of his most satisfied performances since more than 10 years. He is one of the famous sound engineers in China. He insisted that the sound resources must be "continuative" in the all surround sound field. That means the information of the each channel should be related with the other channels. This is most important feature of the surround sound. In order to argument his concept he played several kind of music pieces in the meeting and explained which one is the right and bad one.

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