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Capital University - September 12, 2012

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AES Meeting 12 September, 2012
Moderators : Joey Pasternak and Nate Lockwood
San Fran 133rd AES Conference
To sign up, add your name to the list by noon next Wednesday.
Xavier Diaz submitted budget proposal to student gov't to help cover AES costs
Approved (~$500)
Organization has a total of around $1400
Can cover up to 10 peoples' registration fees to conference.
First 10 people on list
Working on fundraisers; get everyone involved in doing transfers
Send email to all conservatory faculty to get people involved
Registration fees are $100
~50/person for three nights
Flights with Southwest
No group discount if under 10 people.
Total cost ~ $650 - $700
Discuss certain times to be in San Fran
Don't book flight yet; still discussing to combine schedules
PRINT BUSINESS CARDS - GREAT NETWORKING Partnered with Facebook to make business cards.
~$40/ 100 cards
Explanation to new interests on how to sign up for AES and pay dues; join the Capital University section.

"It Might Get Loud" movie shown as a fundraiser
If AES member, free, and charge admission for non-members
Buying rights to show the movie in public; checking with AMP
Successful with "The Dark Side of Oz".
Find a date (around November)

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