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University of Memphis - September 12, 2012

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AES Meeting Minutes 9-12-12

Hillary made presentation on AES:
• You can except to spend the following on AES: $150-$350 Total for Hostel, $250-$400 for flight, and $99 for convention pass.
• There are lots of events for students at the conference, off site studio tours (including EA games!), and lots of other things to do!
• Visit the website to see the full schedule.
• AES also has a FREE app for iPhone and Android so you can keep up to date during the conference.

Bekah made a presentation on school travel reimbursement:
• Up to 70% back once you fill out a form with Bekah.
• The school will reimburse you for your flight, hotel, conference pass, and transport to and from the airport.
• The school will not pay for your food.
• Check out the facebook page for the link to the hostel where the group is staying- FREE BREAKFAST!
• Gloria's cousin lives in the city and has offered up her floor for FREE if you need to stay with her

You need to give Bekah your plane ticket stubs, plane ticket receipt, and a bank statement after we return from AES.

It takes approximately a month to get your reimbursement.

Please search "University of Memphis AES" and join the facebook page so you know when we are doing stuff!

Our next event is a studio hop between Electraphonic and Young Avenue Studios Wednesday the 26th. We will meet up at 7pm and carpool over. Watch your emails/facebook for details.

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