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University of Massachusetts-Lowell - April 25, 2012

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This week we help a critical listening session with selections by lottery. As students were picked out of a hat, they would present a single tune and discuss what they liked/didn't like, as well as any background they had discovered about the sessions. The listening list included the following:

1. Holst - The Plantes (eng by Doug Iszlai at UML)
2. Ghost of Perdition - Opeth (eng by Jens Bogren and Opeth)
3. 1/4 Chicken Dark - The Goat Rodeo Sessions (eng by Richard King)
4. Here and Heaven - The Goat Rodeo Sessions (eng by Richard King)
5. She's Bad - Beneath the Sheets (eng by Drew Hooke)
6. The Leper Affinity - Opeth (eng by Jens Bogren and Opeth)
7. Harvest - Opeth (eng by Jens Bogren and Opeth)
8. Do You Know Where Your Commin From? - Jamiroquai (eng Steven Barkan)
9. You Couldn't Hold a Torch - Busta Rhymes (eng Dr. Dre)
10. Summit - Skrillex
11. Faith - Sheila Nichols (eng Scott Campbell and Chris Lord-Alge)
12. Polite Dance Song - The Bird and the Bea (eng Greg Kurstin)
13. Hands and Faces - The Used (eng Jeremy Hatcher)

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