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Tea* Time Topics — Audio Show and Tell

A crowd-sourced series of presentations about some aspect of audio, as selected the week before by the presenters
A Zoom meeting, with discussions featuring YOU!
3:30pm (pacific) every Saturday

Introduction and Overview

When Dan Mortensen was the PNW Section Chair, he liked to begin meetings with everyone in the audience introducing themselves, giving a brief description of their involvement in the world of audio. "Audio" is a big subject with many specialties, and at our meetings we all focus together on one subject. When we do our self-introductions as part of our meetings, it's ALWAYS fascinating to hear about the kinds of things our audience members do to manifest their love of audio.

Dan thought it would be fun to create an event where the meeting IS the audience members' descriptions of what they do, preferably with pictures/recordings/movies or whatever to help convey to us what they're up to/interested in/want to learn more about.

Registration to attend:

We were using Eventbrite to register attendees, but it became an unnecessary extra layer of complication. Instead, if you want to attend use to email Dan and to express your interest in attending.

Note that these Tea* Time Topics events are in addition to our Section's normal 10 times/year (not in July or August) meetings and are not a replacement for them.

*This is Dan's normal time for tea. You may have whatever refreshments you wish, but if you get unruly/belligerent you'll be bounced without apology.


Initially (May 2020) the concept was to have people present for 10 minutes or so, with about 5 minutes for presenting and 5 more for Q&A. It became immediately clear in the first six minutes of our first event that we would not be able to present our topics in five minutes to professional audio people with anything other than the most superficial skim job, which none of us need nor want.

So the presentations turned out to be more like half an hour max, were immensely enjoyable, and told us things we didn't know before. With that realization, we changed the meeting concept to lengthen the presentation windows.

We have explored the notion of recording the meetings, and several issues have popped up.

  • The sessions have turned out to be 2.5 - 3 hours, possibly longer, and that results in a huge file, which represents an ordeal for post production.
  • Some presenters used copyrighted materials, and that presents problems, especially if the sessions are available to the public via something like You-Tube.
  • We decided that recording was a "nice idea" but it was really far too much work.
  • Individual presenters are welcome to record their own presentations, or to ask someone attending to record it (it matters).
  • That all said, there are multiple You-Tube videos of multiple meetings that are watchable on Dansoundinc's You-Tube channel: DansoundSeattle

As previously mentioned, we are going to continue doing this for the foreseeable future.

Each Saturday afternoon, Zoom "doors" open at 3:00pm PST, event starts at 3:30pm PST, the janitor throws everybody out at 6:30pm (more or less).

As with all our Section's events, we welcome non-member participation.

Some History

So you can get a feel for the directions our discussions have gone, here is a list of our discussions since the beginning in May. List of TeaTime Topics (pdf file)

From the list, you can get a feel for what we're doing and how it's been going. I invite you to attend, if only to get a feel for what we're doing. It's a pleasant break from all of the CoVID created frustrations and limitations.

Thanks, Dan

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