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Whether stated or not, all Powerpoint decks here are copyright by their author, unless otherwise noted, all rights reserved. Permission is granted for your own personal (educational) use. Beyond that, you must contact the author.

Sean Costello

From the June 2015 PNW Section Meeting
How the technology of artificial reverberation shapes musical aesthetics (a.k.a. 1000 YEARS OF REVERBS)
Download or View (771kB PDF)

John Coulter

From the April 2016 PNW Section Meeting
Radio Frequency Coordination for Live Events and the impact of the 2016 FCC Spectrum auction
Download (10.3MB PPT)

Aaron Gates & Steve Turnidge

From the January 2015 PNW Section Meeting
High Quality Terminations
Download or View (3.8MB PDF)

Mark DeArman, Audio Bandwidth Measurement

March 2015 PNW Section Meeting. Download or View (1.4MB PDF)

Katie Gray

From the Acoustics - the Black Magic of Architecture, October 2019 Download or View (13MB PDF file)

Bob Gudgel

From the PNW DSP and Conversion meeting Download or View (195k PDF)

Gary K. Hebert

From the June, 2016 meeting: Development of a Low Cost Programmable Microphone Preamp Gain Control IC for Pro Audio Applications Download or View (547.5k PDF)
Excel Spreadsheet of Microphone Data from Presentation Download 65.6K Excel file

Brendan Patrick Hogan

From the April, 2017 meeting: Theatrical Sound Design - Live, Recorded Playback and Generative Methods Download or View (1.2mb PDF)
Example Files and Software Links with Instructions (Mac only software) 159MB Zip File containing examples and readme

Kevin Jablonski on Legal, IP, Patents and Copyright

April 2015 PNW Section Meeting. Download (1.1M ppt)
Feb 2009 PNW Section Meeting. Download (219k ppt)

JJ Johnston

Note: All of JJ's Powerpoint decks are copyright by JJ Johnston. All rights reserved. Permission granted for your own personal (educational) use. This copyright applies whether stated within the deck or not.

Most Recent

These are the meeting reports for the January meeting, and the April 2019 meeting, which are meant as a series. Whatever media exists will be found there. (audio, video, ppt, zoom, etc.)

January 2021 meeting, Auditory Mechanisms for Spatial Hearing
April 2019 Meeting, Hearing 096/099

Octave files

lplt_t3.m Octave program (jan 2014 & feb 2015)

Heyser Lecture

From the 133rd AES Convention, October 2012, San Francisco.
1.2MB PPTx deck.
audio recording of meeting
Meeting report from meeting

Hearing & Psychoacoustics

Soundfields vs. Human Hearing Download (900k ppt)
Hearing Tutorial (131st AES, NYC, 2011) Download (2.6Mb pptx)
Download (2.8Mb ppt)
Fundamentals of Hearing Download (1.28Mb ppt)
Some possible sources of listener fatigue. Download (128kb ppt)
What can go wrong with loudness models Download (345kb ppt)
Care and Feeding of Loudness Models Download (127kb ppt)
A spatial hearing tutorial Download (842kb ppt)
A short essay on spatial hearing for the surround live conference. Download (181kb ppt)
Loudness Tutorial.
PNW Section meeting, April 2006

no sound (165k ppt)
with sound (8.2Mb ppt)
Session TS-1: Physics of Sound and Hearing (1.3Mb ppt)
A 2-hour hearing tutorial.
Download (1.3m ppt)
What Can We Hear? Download (770k ppt)
Why do we hear what we hear? Download (2Mb ppt)

Perceptual Coders and Related Hardware; Sample Rate Conversion

A Personal History of Perceptual Audio Coding Download (4.8Mb pptx)
What's inside a portable music player? Download (672kb ppt)
The history of audio codec research at AT&T Bell Labs and AT&T-Labs Research. Download (114kb ppt)
Perceptual Coding - A wide-ranging tutorial on perceptual audio coding (3 hours minimum) Download (4.9m ppt)
The Basic Theory of Filtering Download (779k ppt)
When to Code... WHEN NOT TO CODE Download (2Mb ppt)
Sampling Rate Conversion (Feb 2016) Download (1.6mb ppt)


Why do we hear what we hear? Download (250k ppt)
Spatial Perception of Audio vs. The Home Theatre Download (2.2Mb ppt)
JJ's vote for the 10 worst mistakes in audio engineering. Reprised from the 123rd Convention. Download (131kb ppt)
A Low-Complexity, Fast-acquiring Perceptually Tuned Room Correction Algorithm.
PNW Section meeting, January 2008

Download (409kb ppt)
The Science of Audio in 2004 (From the PNW Feb 2004 meeting, From Hear to Eternity.)
Download or View (1.1Mb PDF)
Conversion: Issues in Hearing, Sampling, Quantization and delta-sigma converter tutorial. Download (5.3Mb ppt)
Audio vs Video - the same or different? Highlights the differences between audio and video perception. Download (575k ppt)
Home Theatre vs Cinema Audio Production: the Technical Aspects Download (373k ppt)
Beyond MP3, Soundfield analysis, perception and capture or synthesis Download (2Mb ppt)

Steve Macatee

From the September 2015 meeting, "Rane's HAL Drag-n-Drop DSP Audio Architecture"
Keynote Presentation
Download (52.1MB keynote file)
PowerPoint Presentation Download (18.1MB pptx file)
Acrobat PDF presentation Download or view (16.7MB PDF file)

From the December 14, 2016 meeting "What's All This Dante Stuff, Anyway? or Audio Networking Using Dante"

Acrobat PDF Presentation Download of view (6.6MB PDF file)

From the February 8, 2017 meeting "The Science of Turntablism" (with Jamie Simmonds and Steve Turnidge)

Acrobat PDF Presentation Download of view (16.4MB PDF file)

Sylvia Massy

From the July 2019 meeting, "An Unhinged Evening with Sylvia Massy"
n.b. There are audio clips on some of the slides, resulting in the very large file size.
Download Sylvia Massy's Meeting Presentation Slides, (203MB PPTX file)

Greg Mauser

From the March 2010 meeting, "Evolution of Analog Guitar Effects."
n.b. The clips do not play. It's a Powerpoint thing.
Click here (4+MB ppsx file)

Scott Mehrens

From the June 2011 meeting, "Inside a Cellular Telephone." Download (3.7MB ppt)

Dan Mortensen

PDF slides from the June 2014 meeting, "Cardioid Subwoofers: Once A Miracle, Now Easily Done" View or Download Meeting Slides (7.3MB PDF)
Mac Keynote presentation from the June 2014 meeting, "Cardioid Subwoofers: Once A Miracle, Now Easily Done" Download Meeting Keynote File (11MB .key file)

Dana Olson

PDF slides from October 12, 2016 meeting, Evolution of DIY Loudspeaker Design View or Download Meeting Slides (5.1MB PDF)

Mark Rogers

The Decibel, Revisited, from the March, 2016 section meeting. View (6.2MB PPS)

Lawrence Schwedler

3D Sound for Video Games, from the June, 2017 section meeting. Download (24.7MB .pptx)

Bob Smith

Lies, Damn Lies, and USB DAC Technical Measurements, from the May, 2018 section meeting. Download (4MB .ppt)
FFT Window Functions, Practical Applications, from the January 2018 section meeting. Download (2.5MB .ppt)
Aliasing and Sample Rate Conversion Presentation from the January 2016 Workshop presentation. (Download 11.2MB .ppt)
Aliasing Demonstration from powerpoint Presentation above: (play 11MB MPEG-4 movie)
January 2016 Meeting Recap Page with examples and scripts.

Ivan Tashev

Loudspeaker Arrays for Focusing and Diffusing Sound Download or View (1.78MB PDF)

Bill Whitlock

System Interfacing Download or View (1.3MB PDF)

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