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AES Mission Statement

The AES is dedicated to diffusing and increasing educational and scientific knowledge in audio engineering and promoting and advancing this science and its allied arts in both theoretical and practical application. The AES is further dedicated to stimulating interest in audio engineering, encouraging the interchange and intercourse of ideas and promoting and maintaining high professional standards amongst its members. The mission of our local section is one of holding meetings for the reading or discussion of professional papers, publications, communications, and for other professional activities as shall properly fulfill the objectives and purposes of the Audio Engineering Society.

Privacy Notice

The PNW Section of the AES does not perform any data collection via this website. We do not use cookies. If you are on our email mailing list, you will only receive meeting notices from us or notices of other section activities. We do not share/rent/allow/use these lists for any other purpose.


While the Audio Engineering Society and its PNW Section do not endorse any commercial products or endeavors of any sort, from time to time our meeting notices will be used to inform you, the regional AES membership, of special events and/or educational programs coming to the area that may be valuable to you in your audio profession.



Section Information 

Section Bylaws 




Historical List of Section Officers 


What is the AES?

The AES is the Audio Engineering Society, a national professional society dedicated to all aspects of audio engineering. (see mission statement, above) Visit their website.   The Audio Engineering Society encompasses the following activities:

What is the PNW Section?

The PNW section is a recognized, officially sanctioned local section of the Audio Engineering Society. We are dependent on the national society for funding and rely on local volunteers for Section personnel. These people plan and hold the local section meetings. They also represent the local section at the national society's conventions.

Section Information

Please describe the section.

We're a medium-sized section, but we're active. We try to hold meetings loosely within the framework of the traditional school year: September to June.

What do the Section Officers and Committee do?

The Section Officers handle the day-to-day business of running the Section and they, with the assisstance of the Committee, produce and present the Section Meetings and other activities. For more information, click here.  

I would like to participate beyond attending meetings. How can I do this?

If you have a meeting idea, help us organize it. If you'd like to work 'backstage', let us know and we'll get you added to the Committee (via election, June). If you'd like to serve as a section officer, again, let us know. You must be an AES member (any grade) to participate as a committee member or section officer. You may also nominate yourself at election time in June.

Section Bylaws

Our section operates according to bylaws passed down by AES HQ, and (over the years) modified slightly to suit the way we operate. The most recent version (June 2023) of the bylaws may be found (and downloaded) here. 


How do I find out about meetings?

Meetings are announced via our website, and email meeting notices. We no longer use USPS mail.

The email list consists of member names that we get from AES HQ plus any names we receive via the sign-in sheet at our meetings. We strive for two weeks advance notice, but like meetings themselves, this can be thwarted. You have yourself added to this list simply by using this LINK. 

You stay on the list until you request otherwise. The email list is open to all, member or not. We only use the email list to send meeting notices and occasional special event notices. You can also be dropped from the email list if email sent to you bounces.

How often do you hold meetings?

We strive for monthly meetings, but often our best efforts are thwarted; in which case there is no meeting. Sometimes our best efforts are rewarded and we may hold two meetings in a single month. We try to avoid having a meeting in December. We don't (usually) hold meetings during the summer.

Who can attend your meetings?

Anyone with an interest in audio engineering can attend our meetings. You do not need to be an AES member to attend the local meetings. Meetings are free of charge, member or not. Occasionally we may charge for special events.

When do you hold meetings?

Because of our location, the NW corner of the continental United States, the availability of speakers is more often dictated by their schedules rather than ours. Experience has taught us that being flexible on meeting dates means being able to have more meetings actually come to fruition. Thus, there is no set date for section activities.

Who decides the meetings?

The Section Committee, along with the Section Officers, decides the meeting content, plans the meeting, and makes the arrangements.

Where do meeting ideas come from?

90% of the meetings we hold come from our own ideas, ideas from people like you, and people that we meet in the course of our daily work interactions.

I've got a meeting idea. What should I do?

You may have some ideas and some contacts that would be ideal for an AES meeting. Please don�t be shy. We welcome your involvement and suggestions. Sometimes a simple email to one of the Section Officers with a name, email address, and possible topic is enough to generate a   We are always interested in new meeting ideas.


Should I join the AES?

Absolutely! The AES serves its members, the industry and the public by stimulating and facilitating advances in the constantly changing field of audio. It encourages and disseminates new developments through annual technical meetings and exhibitions of professional equipment, and through the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, the professional archival publication in the audio industry. Your support, via your membership, is welcomed. Your membership fees help fund this section.

How do I join the AES?

The Membership Info Page  is accessible online (click the link) and it will lead you through the membership process. A paper form is is available from Gary Louie, Section Treasurer. The forms look a little imposing, but anyone can join. You will need three references, which you can obtain from anyone (AES Member or not) who knows of your interest in audio or from any of the PNW Section Officers or Committee. Note that the application requirements for full membership (voting rights) are different from those for associate membership.

The official description of the different grades of membership are described here. 

Contact Information

How do I contact the local AES Officers?

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