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About This Website

The html on this site is the output of an HTML compiler written by the Webmaster. We use only a subset of the language, opting for loading speed rather than graphics and glitz. Photo pages can sometimes take a while to load, depending on how the thumbnails were coded, and the speed of your connection.

The only plugin required is Adobe Acrobat, and that is only required if you want to look at archived material. We don't use cookies. The HTML used conforms to the www3 HTML standard and is optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer V5 and Netscape Navigator V6. Since we don't currently use frames, Netscape Navigator 4 also works.

As of late 2003, we began using a small amount of JavaScript; your browser may complain if you are strict about running scripts. OUr use JavaScript is limited to creating PopUp windows, buttons, and links.

Privacy Notice

The PNW Section of the AES does not perform any data collection via this website. We do not use cookies. If you are on our email mailing list, you will only receive meeting notices from us or notices of other section activities. We do not share/rent/allow/use these lists for any other purpose.

Section Contact Information

You'll find links to these people on the Officers and Committee Contact list.  

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