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Past Event: Tools & Techniques for Streaming Audio

June 17, 2020 at 6:30 pm

Location: ONLINE, hosting from Seattle metro, WA, USA

Moderated by: Greg Dixon

Speaker(s): Bill Gibson - Northwest Music & Recording, Inc.

 Tools and Techniques for Streaming Audio looks inside the modern world of streaming, with a focus on practical solutions in the post COVID-19 era. Since most organizations have been forced to communicate and participate in the marketplace virtually via streaming, there has arisen a need for effective strategies to stream video and high-quality audio. Setting up a ZOOM conference using all on-device microphones has been commonplace for a while. However, setting up a stream that incorporates high-quality music and other media presentations requires the proper tools and demands a completely different mindset from the audio engineer. That's what this session is about.

Topics include:

  • HDMI versus iOS Systems
  • Steaming Applications and Services
  • Shifting from a Live Sound to a Broadcast Mindset
  • Microphone Selection and Techniques
  • Calibrating Gear
  • Leaning on the Old-School
  • Approaches to Monitoring
  • Panning
  • Equalization
  • Effects
  • The Importance of Compression and Limiting
  • Getting Optimal Streamed Audio Levels Set
  • Meters, Peaks, and LUFS, Oh My
  • Learning by Listening


This presentation is supported by several in-the-field media examples and illustrative images including a representative multitrack session for demonstration purposes.

This is a Zoom virtual meeting. See our web page for further details (like the Eventbrite link).

Other Business: Election Notice At this meeting, we will elect the persons who will serve our section as Officers and the Program Committee. Officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer) are typically nominated from the existing Committee. Committee members can be anyone interested and willing to help your section produce meetings. Officers serve for one year. Committee members serve for two years, with half electing on odd numbered years, and the other half electing on even numbered years.

See our web page for the nitty-gritty details, including the link to election materials.

Tea Time Topics or Audio Show and Tell

A crowd-sourced series of short presentations about an aspect of audio, as selected by the presenters. A Zoom meeting, with discussions featuring YOU!

These will be held on 2 Saturdays, beginning at 4pm. The Zoom lobby will be open around 3:30pm (pacific tz). Next dates: 6/13/2020, 6/20/2020.

The idea behind these events is that "Audio" is a big subject with many specialties, and at our meetings we all focus together on one subject. When we do our self-introductions as part of our meetings, it's ALWAYS fascinating to hear about the kinds of things our audience members do to manifest their love of audio. We thought it would be fun to create an event where the meeting IS the audience members' descriptions of what you do, preferably with pictures/recordings/movies or whatever.

This started as a series of four events with a five minute individual presentation limit. At this writing, we've had one and realized during minute five of the first presentation that five minutes would be wholly inadequate for those of us who want more details about audio and not less, so we've scrapped that time limit and are going for 30 minutes, with three presentations per meeting.

More info, including the Eventbrite link to be found at the Section website.

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Posted: Wednesday, June 10, 2020

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