biopix/lukep_200x201.jpg Luke Pacholski holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin. He is a software developer and systems administrator, and has had an interest in audio from an early age, when he would hook up multiple cassette recorders together to the bewilderment of his parents. In 1998 he started doing digital audio remastering/restoration, and in 2005 began making live recordings.

Luke's ever-growing microphone collection is used, among other things, to produce and record house concerts; he has hosted over forty since 2012 and has done live sound and recording for many others.

He has consulted with various reissue producers and some of his restoration and mastering work has been featured on commercial releases.

Another passion is recording studio history, perhaps most notably that of Columbia's 30th Street Studio in New York City. While unfortunately unable to have visited the studio in its lifetime, he hopes his research (along with that of AES PNW members Dan Mortensen and Gary Louie) has helped others gain some insight into the famed studio.

Luke hails from the upper Midwest and currently resides in Mundelein, IL.