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Past Event: Audio Compression/Audio Entrepreneurs with Dave Derr and Dave Amels

Audio Compression/Audio Entrepreneurs with Dave Derr and Dave Amels

November 14, 2019 at 7:00 pm

Location: NYU Steinhardt, Music Tech Dept. 35 W. 4th Street 6th floor

Moderated by: Roey Shamir

Speaker(s): Dave Derr, Empirical Labs Inc; Dave Amels, Bomb Factory Digital

 Come hang with New York area audio professionals to hear from the creators of industry standard audio tools!

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Posted: Friday, November 8, 2019

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Past Event: How Perceptual Audio Coding Has Shaped Our Lives

October 15, 2019 at 7:00 pm

Location: NYU Steinhardt School. Room 609, 35 West 4th St, NYC.

Speaker(s): Marina Bosi, Stanford University

How Perceptual Audio Coding Has Shaped Our Lives

A review of the history and a look into the future

Did you ever wonder how your MP3 files squeeze so much sound into such a small size? Or what is the difference between MP3 and AAC? Or which multichannel audio coding format is best for your application?

The development of perceptual audio coding technologies allowed portable music devices to be launched and suddenly” these technologies became ubiquitous in our daily lives, residing within mobile devices, DVDs, broad/webcasting, electronic distribution of music, etc.. A natural question to ask is: what made all this possible and where is the technology going?

In her presentation, Dr. Bosi will examine major shifts in audio consumption and how they represented new challenges and opportunities in coding audio for entertainment, information, and other purposes. Based upon her deep experience with digital media coding research and standards, Dr. Bosi will offer unique insights into the widespread use of these technologies in applications ranging from production and distribution of sound to the broader consumer experience, providing the foundation for an informed view of the future of digital media. 



Marina Bosi, a pioneer in the field of digital audio coding, has enjoyed a distinguished career as a researcher, leader, and educator in the fields of digital media technology, digital rights management, and IP licensing. Marina was a member of the research team that created AC-3 (aka Dolby Digital) and was the leader of the MPEG-2 AAC (the core coding technology used in Apple's iTunes, etc.) development for which she received the ISO/IEC 1997 Project Editor award. She then devoted herself to sharing her hard-won knowledge with the next generation of audio engineers by launching the first North American university course on perceptual audio coding at Stanford University and by writing the acclaimedtextbook “Introduction to Digital Audio Coding and Standards” (Kluwer/Springer 2003) which has beentranslated into Chinese and Korean for sale in those overseas markets.

Marina was CTO of MPEG LA and, together with the head of MPEG Leonardo Chiariglione, cofounded the Digital Media Project, an organization promoting successful development, deployment of rights management and the use of digital media. She holds several patents, has written numerous publications, and is a past President and Fellow of the Audio Engineering Society. Marina co-chaired the first International Conference on High Quality Audio Coding and has received several awards including twice the AES Board of Governors Award for her contributions to the Society.

Posted: Monday, September 30, 2019

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Past Event: Audio Treasures Unearthed From the New York Philharmonic's Archives

Audio Treasures Unearthed From the  New York Philharmonic's Archives

June 19, 2018 at 7:00 pm

Location: NYU Steinhardt, Music Tech Dept. 35 West 4th St., 6th floor

Moderated by: Robert Auld

Speaker(s): Barbara Haws, New York Philharmonic; Seth B. Winner, Audio Engineer

 Barbara Haws has been the N.Y. Philharmonic’s archivist for the past 34 years. During her tenure, four historic broadcast sets of the orchestra were produced and issued; two of them were nominated for a Grammy award. In 2012 Barbara commissioned Seth Winner to preserve a further series of live historic broadcasts, in a project which was funded by the Grammy Foundation. The first batch was done in 2014 and a second go-round has just been completed. This evening Barbara and Seth will discuss the importance of this project, as well as the intrigue involved in locating the sources to these legendary recordings.  Selected examples from the broadcasts will be played for the audience.


Posted: Monday, June 11, 2018

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