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Meeting Review, July 25, 2006

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7/25/06 Meeting Highlights
by Jeff Segota

In July, the Chicago Section concluded its 2005-06 season with a meeting at Gepco International,

Incorporated, a manufacturer and distributor of audio and video cable products located in Des

Plaines, Illinois. A team of Gepco representatives lead by Joe Zajac and Scott Fehl presented the

company history and gave a tour of the facility to about 40 attendees.


Gepco is currently celebrating the 25th anniversary of its founding in 1981. The company

currently designs, manufactures, and markets audio and video cable, cable assemblies,

connectors and specialty products. In addition, Gepco is a distributor for such cable-related

products as patch bays, connectors, and tools. Gepco specializes in high-quality, custom and

made-to-order products, which has enabled them to keep their manufacturing within the United



The audience broke up into several small groups for a tour that included the office area, stock,

manufacturing, warehouse, custom assembly, fiber optics lab, shipping, will call, and repair.

Gepco receives the raw, primary wire and performs the remainder of the cable manufacturing

process, adding insulation, twisting and balancing, and adding shielding and jacketing. The tour

of the manufacturing area allowed the attendees to see the large machines in action. When the

cable is spooled, every foot runs through someone’s hand as part of quality control.


The fiber optics lab is where high definition cameral cables for field use are hand-built. The

fragile glass fibers place special demands on both the assembly process and the reliability and

durability of the design. This challenge prompted several detailed questions about the process.

Breakout boxes for the fiber optic cables are also assembled here. The remaining finished cable

products are built in the custom assembly area. Except for stripping and crimping, all assembly

is done by hand. This part of the tour also generated many questions.


Special thanks to the crew at Gepco for in interesting and especially unique opportunity!